General Session - Leading Teams to Peak Performance

2015 Volunteer Leaders Summit

On the mountains, successful expedition leaders think like guides, not climbers. In the business world, the most successful sales leaders think like CEOs. They inspire and lead by example. Susan Ershler is an expert practitioner in the art of sales leadership. Throughout her career, she has excelled at building and leading teams that achieve exceptional, sometimes life-changing results. She shares the Project, Prepare, Persevere® methodology that enabled her to lead her sales team to achieve a seemingly impossible $300M revenue goal while simultaneously climbing the Seven Summits; the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Drawing on her knowledge and experience, Ershler shows why the best leaders are much more than top performers themselves. They enable every member of their team to overcome their perceived limitations by learning to commit to their team’s shared vision of success. You will walk away with the leadership skills you need to help your teams win the recognition and rewards that accrue to top performers.