Every Four Years: The 2016 Presidential Campaign

2016 Employment Law & Legislative Conference

“America’s historian-in-chief” Doris Kearns Goodwin examines the changing nature of the campaign for commander in chief from 1896, when 750,000 citizens showed up on the porch of the home of Republican candidate William McKinley, to today, when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton communicates in 140 characters or less to her over 4 million Twitter followers. The evolution in presidential campaign communication and strategy underscores the constant focus on personal and professional exposure and accountability that comes with a run for the White House. Goodwin will transport you back to a simpler time to understand the transformation to our current political system, with its perpetual campaigning, negative slurs and ads, endless fundraising, high-stakes debates, recall elections, and over-reliance on polls. After five decades of studying the campaigns and candidates for the highest office in the land, Goodwin will share rich stories of spin, privacy and personality behind the quadrennial dance of democracy. Then she will speak about the current day—the 2016 presidential campaign, a lengthy, exhausting and costly race that will be dominated by the 24/7 news cycle, social media, pop culture and the rise of the super PACs.