The Will of the World Has Changed – And So Must We

2016 Employment Law & Legislative Conference

Gallup considers one of the most important issues facing humankind is to positively change the performance of workplaces around the world for economic and especially human development. Gallup uses the same trusted techniques and methodologies it uses for online polls to understand the attitudes, behaviors and well-being of employees and workplaces in over 140 countries. Jim Clifton, Gallup’s Chairman and CEO, will reveal the latest insights on the changing will of today’s employees and latest findings from Gallup’s global workplace analytics, including:

  • Performance Management: The historic move away from “command-and-control”.
  • Millennials: Engaging a generation that really is different.
  • Global Workplace Engagement: The current failures of workplace leadership.

Ms. Yang will provide her expert insight into the EEOC’s current focus on issues like compensation equity, retaliation guidance for employers, interpreting Title VII to cover sexual orientation and gender identity - as well as what to expect in the final year of the Obama Administration.