Changes to Marijuana Laws and the Opioid Crisis: How Employers Are Dealing with These Complicated Issues

2018 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Review the latest updates to state drug laws and how they will impact HR’s role and your organization’s policies and testing procedures.

Employers across the country continue to struggle with the enforcement of drug and alcohol policies given changes to the drug laws over the last few years. From recruitment to retention, employers seek to find and retain the best employees while maintaining a safe and productive work environment. In addition to relaxed marijuana laws in many states, the opioid crisis has had a significant impact on the workplace. In this session, you will review:

  • The changes in state laws and the potential conflicts with federal enforcement initiatives.
  • Statistics around how the opioid crisis has impacted our communities and, in particular, the workplace.
  • How drug and alcohol policies and testing practices have evolved.
  • Best practices in this ever-changing area of the law.