From Cop to Coach: Transform HR Management Interaction

2018 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Learn how to overcome resistance from, get buy-in from and transform interactions with managers to protect employers and improve the way employees are treated.

Too often, managers view HR professionals as compliance cops working their beat—that is, people it's painful to encounter and who should be avoided at all costs. Yet this doesn't have to be so. By applying the executive coaching and business case/cost-benefit analysis techniques taught in this session, HR professionals move from “cop” to trusted coach and strategic partner. Learn how to interact with managers by:

  • Effectively capturing and confirming each manager's perspective.
  • Applying a four-pronged compliance test to identify and assess legal and business risks.
  • Using a tool of economic analysis to create options and assess compliance issues in a business context.
  • Overcoming management resistance with proven executive coaching techniques.