Data, Trade Secrets and Breaches: Oh My! You’re Not in the ’90s Anymore. Cyber-Protection and Response Measures for 2018 and Beyond

2018 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Learn how to protect your company’s data castle and respond if there is a breach.

This session will define HR best practices for protecting your employer from cyber-intrusion, data breach and the theft of intellectual property. It will provide you with reaction timelines and practices and will outline factors to consider when retaining outside investigative experts, identity-theft protection services and other vendors in order to respond promptly and effectively to breach incidents and events. Cyberattacks of all sorts are rampant, and personnel is your first line of defense and response. You will learn:

  • Policy, personnel and training vulnerabilities.
  • How to establish a response program on which you can rely when responding to a data security incident of any magnitude.
  • How to identify resources for investigating an incident, so that you can provide required after-breach protections (such as identity-theft protection, response call centers and notifications).