Employment-Based Immigration in the Trump Era: HR Communication, Strategies and Best Practices

2018 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Learn best practices and communication tactics for remaining compliant with immigration laws and preparing for enforcement actions.

The first year of the Trump administration was marked by policy changes and heightened enforcement for employment-based visa programs (and for employment verification). More changes and enforcement initiatives are expected in 2018, and employers need to be prepared. In this session, you will learn how to stay compliant and acquire strategies for communicating internally to your C-suite, managers and foreign nationals about laws and policies recently enacted or coming down the pike from the administration, Congress and government agencies. You will:

  • Gain a better understanding of recent policy changes and enforcement trends for employment-based visa programs and employment verification and what is expected for these areas in the year ahead.
  • Learn best practices for visa compliance and preparing for audits in the Trump era.
  • Learn communication strategies for ensuring that the C-suite, managers and foreign nationals have appropriate information about the current state of play and look ahead on employment-based immigration.