Luck Favors the Prepared: One Crazy Momma’s Balancing-Act Tips

FWI & SHRM 2012 Workflex Conference

Holly Robinson Peete offers her “crazy working momma” tips for maintaining a successful work/life fit. You will walk away inspired and refreshed, knowing that if Holly can do it—so can you! Robinson Peete’s tips include:

  • Staying prepared and ahead of the curve: If you know better, you do better.
  • Taking care of you: If momma isn’t happy and healthy, no one is!
  • Lights out/work out: Sleep deprivation and lack of exercise cause not only weight gain, but poor reactions to stress.
  • Delegate: Other people are capable too!
  • Just say no: You can’t please others at your own expense.
  • Remain flexible: Relax, breathe and go with theflow.
  • Cut yourself some slack: You get another shot tomorrow. Manage and minimize guilt and feelings of failure.