Play@Work: Unleashing Growth Through Creativity and Innovation

SHRM 2013 Talent Management Conference
Play@Work: Unleashing Growth Through Creativity and Innovation


As children our days were filled with productive play. What was entertaining was also instructive. Games of tag were exercises in planning, teamwork, strategy, design, decision-making, creativity, interpersonal communication and risk-taking. Play was serious business in our youth—and it should be even more serious business in our professional lives if we hope to unleash the creative genius that spurs organizational growth. By cleverly drawing from childhood lessons, Kevin Carroll reveals the relevance of play and how we must continue to tap into those lessons for our future success. An innovator who passionately inspires leaders to create sustainable change in their own organizations, Carroll raises a variety of questions during the session including:

  • Are you continuing to strengthen the creative genius of your organization?
  • Do you have the necessary passion and creative endurance to deliver consistent and amazing insight and business ingenuity?
  • Why should an organization’s business culture embrace the power of play even more so in the 21st century?
  • How can a business culture that incorporates “purposeful play” impact leadership, employee quality of life, retention and attract new talent?


“Being quiet and still allows us to be present and aware of more things in our daily lives. Look UP. Be curious. Dream BIG! Game ON!”