The Art of Managing Workplace Conflict

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
This session will show you how to resolve conflict and move forward.

This session will explain the difference between criticism and constructive feedback and how conflict can be both positive and damaging to an organization. Strategies for reducing conflict and mediating workplace confrontations through the use of emotional intelligence will also be discussed. You will leave with practical tips to help yourself and your teams manage conflict more effectively. At the end of this session you will:

  • Have the improved ability to communicate during a conflict. 
  • Understand how to positively and effectively give constructive feedback. 
  • Receive tools to mediate discussion between others in order to have positive outcomes. 
  • Learn that difficult people don't have to be difficult and how to generate productivity.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Morgan Hembree, Psy.D., MBA, BCB

Hembree, Psy.D., MBA, BCB

Morgan L. Hembree, Psy.D., MBA, BCB graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Philosophy in 2009. She knew from an early age that she wanted to study human behavior, and fell in love with the analysis and exploration of philosophy during college. She spent her summers doing Applied Behavior Analysis with children and teens on the Autism spectrum, which helped her gain confidence in her decision to pursue a graduate degree in psychology.

Morgan began her graduate studies at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology at Widener University in the fall of 2009. Though her interest was initially in clinical applications of psychological theory, she very quickly fell in love with the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. During her second year of graduate school she began pursuing her Master of Business Administration degree simultaneously, and began the process of integrating her understanding of human behavior with her new knowledge of managerial strategy. In addition to her clinical rotations, Morgan completed a practicum with Organizational Development Services, where she conducted individual assessments, led workshops, and engaged undergraduate leaders in leadership development.

After completing her dissertation, “The Mindful Leader: The Interaction of Mindfulness and Attachment in Predicting Transformational Leadership Ratings,” Morgan graduated with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Master of Business Administration degrees, as well as her Board Certification in Biofeedback, in May of 2014. She hopes to continue to expand her understanding of leadership and management strategy, as well as to explore the utilization of both Mindfulness and Biofeedback techniques in coaching.

Currently, Morgan is working as a Leadership Consultant for Integrated Leadership Systems (ILS) in Columbus, Ohio. Here she assists employees at varying levels of organizations in industries such as health care, energy, law, and construction in optimizing their leadership potential. Morgan provides executive coaching, which incorporates a detailed 360 assessment 

Convention Center 151
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HR Credit
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Concurrent Session
Relationship Management
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