Don't Just Tell 'Em, Teach 'Em...The Essential Elements of Effective Coaching

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Learn why having a strategy for preparing and delivering performance appraisals will increase employee engagement and foster continual professional development.

Consistent feedback to team members about their performance is an essential element necessary for creating a positive, productive, and profitable work environment. From preparation, to delivery, to follow-up, this approach will help you dramatically improve the value of annual reviews. This session will:

  • Show you why several common practices in the evaluation process may actually be working against you.
  • Help you learn to leverage performance appraisals by creating an open dialogue.
  • Help multiply the impact evaluations and the input from the person being evaluated to create a growth strategy tailored to engage them and help them contribute more to the team's productivity.
  • Help you cultivate an atmosphere of consistent coaching by your leaders targeted at specific key objectives for each team member.