MEGA SESSION Harnessing The Power of Corporate Culture: Getting People On Board…………And Making It Stick!

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Learn how the power of corporate culture drives organizational performance and how you can demonstrate high-impact leadership in this area.

Great organizations use corporate culture as a competitive advantage that’s tough for others to copy, as well as to achieve both stronger execution and sustained business performance. HR expertise in this area is critical, and it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate high-impact leadership and value creation. This session will provide practical insights into:

  • What corporate culture is and why you should care about it.
  • How culture provides a meaningful platform to link HR expertise with organization strategy and execution.
  • The vital connection between culture and behavioral science.
  • The power of corporate culture during both good and tough times.
  • Tips for getting people on board with culture and making it stick so you can develop your leadership and navigation competency to better support organizational objectives.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 10:45am to 12:00pm

Norm Sabapathy


Norm Sabapathy is responsible for the leadership of Cadillac Fairview’s Human Resources team and enabling outstanding people performance company-wide. Norm is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years of management experience with global industry leaders in industrial, transportation, manufacturing, services, food and consumer packaged goods sectors. He holds Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Industrial Relations degrees, and has been granted the designations Certified Human Resources Professional and Senior Human Resources Professional.

Marriott Marquis: Salons 1-5
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Business Credit
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Mega Session
Leadership & Navigation
Business Acumen
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