Opening General Session featuring Alan Mulally and Mike Rowe

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition

Strategic and Operational Leadership and Working Together
With Mulally’s vision and commitment, Ford was able to recommit itself to quality, develop a comprehensive strategy and implement a new sense of identity. His renowned leadership skills transformed Ford into one of the world’s leading automobile companies and the #1 automobile brand in the United States. Mulally will expound on his strategic leadership and will inspire you to explore your own set of skills as you apply to and enhance your organization.


Why Dirty Jobs Matter
Why has America declared a war on work? Mike Rowe will give an illuminating account of the true nature of skilled labor, and why it's being devalued by the media, advertising, and even the government. Why are people who do dirty jobs some of the happiest people you'll ever meet? What lessons can we learn about teamwork, determination, efficiency, and our definition of success? Mike Rowe will bring you face-to-face with Americans who are simply doing their jobs, happily and well. In the process, he will remind you of the enormous but forgotten benefits of hard, honest work, and how it affects everything from our national identity to our infrastructure to the economy.