Session #805: Business Comes Alive: Finance for the HR Professional

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: This workshop will help improve your literacy and ability to grasp and communicate financial matters, especially with respect to the value that HR brings to an organization.

Which world-leading company has taken the step to show its most important asset—people—in its financial statements? This workshop will tell you and will give you a fundamental grasp and refresher of financial statements that makes them breathtakingly simple to read. You'll learn how you can reflect the value of your people and increase the return on HR investment. Suitable for all, including “non-numbers” people, this is a must for leaders who want to align their HR department with the financial goals of their business units, as well as improve financial communication in their organizations. This workshop will help you:

·         Master accounting in a new visual way, and truly understand what financial statements are saying.

·         Overcome the (often hidden) pitfalls that cause miscommunication around finances. 

·         Gain insight into how your business generates and consumes value.

·         Capture the value of your organization's HR expenditures to reflect their contribution to profits.

·         Utilize a tool you will take away that makes all financial communication more robust and effective.