Session #806: Benefits Boot Camp

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: This workshop will provide a broad overview of the various laws that govern employee benefit plans for the novice- to the expert-level.

ERISA is the foundation for all the plans you provide to your employees. This workshop will offer an overview of the ERISA mandates, the plan documents and other communication requirements, the reporting and compliance mandates, and the fiduciary obligations. The general requirements under the Internal Revenue Code, COBRA, HIPAA and other laws that pertain to employee benefits will also be discussed. Finally, you will learn how to apply FMLA, ADAAA, FLSA and other employment laws to illustrate how these laws intersect and to understand their effect on employee benefits. This workshop will help you understand:

·         The overall ERISA structure so you can apply employee benefit laws to specific situations.

·         What a plan document is, what a summary plan description is, the differences between them and their importance.

·         The relevancy of the fiduciary obligations of a plan sponsor.

·         The requirements of HIPAA and COBRA and how to manage employee benefit plans to maintain compliance with
          both of these laws.

·         The basics of the FMLA, FLSA and ADAAA and how to stay compliant with those rules and their interaction with
          employee benefit plans.