Session #807: Sherlock Holmes ... or Inspector Clouseau? How to Conduct Effective Internal Investigations

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: Using a combination of lecture/role-play/case study, this workshop will ensure you can effectively conduct investigations involving harassment, discrimination or retaliation.

In this nationally renowned workshop, the essential skills necessary to conduct an internal investigation into claims of employee misconduct—including charges of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and violation of violence-prevention policies—will be explored. Using interactive case studies, you will engage in a step-by-step fact-finding process, practicing questioning and credibility assessment techniques. Preparation of unassailable documentation of process and conclusions along with model forms will be included throughout the program. This workshop will help you:

·         Learn effective questioning techniques and investigation process considerations. 

·         Understand how to deal with the reluctant claimant, the angry respondent and the uncooperative witness.

·         Develop confidence in the proper use of credibility assessment tools, including witness demeanor and bias, and the
          integration of corroborating and circumstantial evidence into your conclusions.

·         Prepare bulletproof documentation of your process and findings-of-fact.