Session #808: Leading by Example: Exemplifying the Behavior You Want to See in Others

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: Learn why it is critical to exemplify the behaviors that reinforce leadership traits and competencies for others to follow.

The attributes that we want to see in other leaders should be behaviors that you, as leaders, demonstrate so that those around you are inspired and motivated to exemplify those traits. Using the acronym “ICRELIEF” as a conceptual framework, this workshop will discuss various leadership concepts appropriate for a leadership position within your organization. How you react to choices, change, commitment, creativity, control, confidence, responsibility, enthusiasm, leadership, investment, expectant attitude and humor, largely determines whether you have what it takes to lead by example. This workshop will show you how to:

·         Evaluate your leadership behavior.

·         Create an environment for others to lead by example through your leadership behaviors.

·         Apply these leadership behaviors to both your personal and professional lives.

·         Understand the importance of leaders’ behavior as a prime influencer of those they manage and lead.