Session #902: Hallelujah! An Anthem for Purposeful Work

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: This session will help you identify the elements of purposeful work and develop strategies to connect your employees with your organization’s mission.

We live in a time of cynicism. This is a time when Dilbert, a comic strip about office politics, corporate bureaucracy and incompetence, is often cut out and posted in the very offices it parodies, a testament to our collective cynicism about our work. But there is hope, and there is a better way. Cathy Fyock offers a message about how to create a workplace focused on the why. By providing purposeful work, you not only can attract and engage employees, but you can also create high-performing teams that transcend the accomplishments of their individual members. This session will help you:

·         Identify cynicism in the workplace and its causes.

·         Understand the tenets of purposeful work.

·         Develop strategies to link your employees' work to the mission of your organization.

·         Develop strategies to better communicate the mission with all employees.

·         Create strategies to select and onboard volunteers (all employees are volunteers).