Session #903: Accessing Your Best Self Inside and Outside of Work: Simple Principles to Unlock Greatness

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: Discover how to unlock existing knowledge, talent and skills so that your employees can take action to accomplish their goals and become their best self.

Research clearly shows that organizations benefit when they engage the whole employee (both inside and outside of work). Organizations that help employees access their “best self” more often are able to tap into the potential of individual contributors and realize the benefits of consistent, sustainable levels of high performance. Alan Fine will introduce the inside-out approach to performance improvement, an approach that is less about adding new knowledge and more about eliminating the interference getting in the way of experimenting with and using the knowledge employees already have. You will:

·         Discover the three elements found at the heart of high performance.

·         Learn a simple, repeatable process that reduces interference, creates focus and unblocks performance breakthroughs.

·         Leave with simple principles to use inside and outside of work to help employees be their best self, turning potential into consistent, sustainable performance.