Session #904: The 11 Facts of Life for an HR Professional

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: Learn thought-provoking ways to look at various situations from different socioeconomic backgrounds and how best to deal with those situations.

This session will challenge you to think about how your actions affect others in a positive and/or negative way. Cmdr. Drew Brown will discuss his 11 facts in a simplified but entertaining way that will allow you to leave inspired and ready to take on your workplace challenges. This session will show you:

·         Techniques for effective listening: zeroing in on the detail.

·         How to gather solid information and prioritize it for action.

·         The rules—learning the rules and knowing how and when to adapt as the rules change.

·         How to turn struggles into opportunities for growth.

·         The benefits of self-discipline and self-examination.