SMART STAGE: Strategizing Radical Change by Becoming a Disruptive Leader

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition

The current world of radical and rapid change demands thatyou become a disruptive leader.  Complacency cannot be tolerated or organizations will quickly fall behind the competition and struggle to survive.  Meanwhile, those moving to the forefront of their markets and industries have a healthy culture of innovation led by those who embrace and create change at every level.  But how does an ordinary follower, manager or leader become that disruptive leader?  This presentation will challenge you to adopt a three- dimensional strategy to transform not only your organization but also create a revolutionary transformation from your current position.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 10:20am to 10:38am

Loren Murfield


Dr. Loren Murfield works with aspiring and emerging leaders to disrupt the status quo, change the world and accomplish what followers and critics claim is impossible.  He is a visionary that sees incredible opportunities in this digital age of a sharing economy. 

Few would have thought they would be seeing him in this role today.  As a middle child of 8 and the 4th of 5 boys, no one expected he would do anything significant.  No one thought any graduate work, especially a Ph.D., was possible when he worked factory jobs until he was 31.  Very few gave him much of a chance to teach college on the east coast after growing up on a farm outside of a tiny town in South Dakota.  If that isn't enough, most thought it was clearly impossible for him to write 8 books in one year, become an entrepreneur, launch PWR University, teach in a graduate leadership program or become the biographer for a Heisman Trophy winner.  No one really could see his success coming, but he has found that is part of the fun – doing what no one thought he could do. 

Today, Dr. Murfield is CEO and President of Murfield International, Inc. and its online training program, PWR University, Inc.  He serves as a provocative public speaker, author, biographer and executive coach to help those determined to Unleash the UltimateTM performance, production and profits. 

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