The Top 10 Employment Cases of 2016

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: This session is your one stop for providing actionable take-a-ways from Court decisions that directly impact your procedures, policies and practices.

This year has brought an entirely new group of challenges to digest, process and implement in your organization. Are you wondering which cases may change your organization? Which crucial decisions will cause you to alter the way you handle situations that exist in your organization? This session will provide you with facts, decisions and of course action items to use in your organization. In this session, you will:

·         Learn about the latest impactful court decisions in employment law. 

·         Gain an understanding of how the respective decisions will change the manner in which HR conducts itself. 

·         Evaluate case law to review existing policies and procedures for potential areas of necessary
          alteration moving forward.