Understanding Metrics: How to Connect HR's Goals to Your Business' Strategy

SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition
You will learn the key metrics vital to your organization's success and how to ensure that you have a seat at the executive table.

Repeated on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. 

HR is required to add value to the organization’s overall objectives by ensuring that the department's goals align with the company's business strategy. In order for this to occur, you must understand the key metrics and how they impact the overall success of your organization. This session will guide you through the sometimes overwhelming world of business metrics and more importantly, how to make HR more competitive by connecting the dots between HR metrics and business strategy. This session will help you:
  • Understand the three key metrics in business: profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow in addition to how they impact your organization as a whole.
  • Identify specific measurements within the scope of sales metrics, marketing metrics, web metrics, and customer service metrics.
  • Identify how HR can impact these metrics and how to frame HR's role by aligning business objectives to HR metrics.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Ryan Kohler


Ryan started out his business career as an Accountant, receiving an BS in Accounting from Southern Utah University.   He quickly realized that his passion was for entrepreneurship and marketing so he finished his MBA and struck out on his own. After 5 years of success in the world of web marketing and lead generation, he was approached to develop an applicant tracking system specifically focused on smaller companies.

He founded ApplicantPro in 2005 with the singular mission of helping small and mid sized employers improve their hiring results.  Going far beyond applicant tracking, Ryan has used his web marketing background to create innovative approaches that help smaller employers dramatically improve their applicant flow and hiring. 

As the CEO of ApplicantPro, Ryan has successfully bootstrapped his company from a startup into a multi-million dollar growth company with over 80 employees and 4000 clients in 10 countries. ApplicantPro’s 10 years of consistent 50%+ annual year-over-year growth has resulted in it being recognized by Mountain West Capital as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah and by Inc Magazine as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US for the last 4 years in a row.  He’s also travelled around the country and spoken at various SHRM events including National SHRM for the past four years.

Marriott Marquis: Independence Ballroom A-H
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Business Credit
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Concurrent Session
Leadership & Navigation
Critical Evaluation
Business Acumen
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