Employee Engagement Doesn't Have to be Hard: Seven Critical Drivers (Plus TONS of Solutions)

2016 SHRM Talent Symposium Phoenix
Workplace Application: This session will show you how to implement a formal engagement program immediately upon returning to work.

Do your employees feel a profound connection to your workplace? According to several research studies, the answer is, “probably not.” That means your employees are peddling the wheels on a stationary bike in order to get a paycheck, and they aren't taking your organization to the next level. Businesses that focus on engagement are outperforming competitors who don't. But you KNOW all this and yet you don't have a formal employee engagement program. Why? Because it's hard to get started, and engagement seems elusive. This session will discuss the seven drivers of engagement, based on hundreds of research articles, and provide clear, tangible, action items you can implement. After this session you will be well-equipped to implement a formal engagement program back at work. You will learn how to:

·         Describe the seven drivers of employee engagement.

·         Create a formal strategic plan for employee engagement.

·         Implement over 50 simple, turnkey solutions.

·         Help your employees find the deeper meaning in their work.

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Friday, December 2, 2016 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm

Catherine Mattice, SHRM-SCP

Mattice, SHRM-SCP

Catherine Mattice Zundel, SHRM-SCP, SPHR is the founder/CEO of Civility Partners, an HR consulting firm focused specifically on helping organizations create respectful and positive workplace cultures. Her clients range from Fortune 500's to small mom/pops in a multitude of industries. Catherine is an HR thought-leader and has appeared in such venues as USA Today, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, CNN, NPR, and many other national news outlets as an expert. Catherine is also an award-winning speaker and author, a one of the founders of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition. 


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