Crystal Clear Recruiting: Win and Retain Great Talent with Smart and Transparent Hiring Practices

2021 Talent Conference & Expo
Attendees will learn actionable tips to optimize and measure their hiring process to attract top talent for your organization.

Transparency is crucial in any relationship – but it’s become essential in the relationship between organizations and their prospective employees, especially now, when new hires are more willing to jump ship faster than ever.  It can be frustrating, for both candidates and recruiters, if a hiring process is slow and leaves candidates wondering what is happening. Or at post-hire when expectation does not match reality. Savvy job seekers prioritize employment opportunities where they are treated like partners, and are more likely to stay with an organization that is honest and engaging through all portions of the hiring journey, providing clear paths for career advancement.  

In this session, we will outline the benefits of candidate clarity, share research from new hires and demonstrate ways that you can make your hiring process more transparent from start to finish.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - 12:55pm to 1:15pm

Jay Charness


Jay Charness is a sales professional with over 20 years of driving change at organizations of all sizes. He is passionate about working directly with individuals to better understand their talent management and talent acquisition needs to better solve the business challenges they face every day. When not helping clients tackle their business challenges, Jay spends his time teaching self-defense workshops and enjoying the beauty of Colorado with his family.

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