Networking Peer Group Ideas Swap: Tuesday - Education & Nonprofit

2021 Talent Conference & Expo

Continue the conversations with your online Talent community with discussion questions such as, "What do you plan on implementing when you get back to the office?" and "What are the current trends you're seeing with talent and total rewards?" -– select from one of ten different networking peer groups where you'll get to network and share best practices and ideas. In this informal gathering, get to know one another (including one of the conference speakers!), share your "aha" moments so far, troubleshoot real-life situations, connect on LinkedIn to further the discussion, and more.

This peer group focuses on Education & Nonprofit.

*Space is limited to 50 per category. Grab your seat fast!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Daryll Bryant


Daryll Bryant is a transformational leader with a distinguished career in manufacturing providing outstanding results for a number of Fortune 100 companies.   He is a Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach, Trusted Business Advisor and Author of the book entitled “Engage. Lead. Deliver.   Leadership Tenets for Tapping into the Collective Genius of Your People”, available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles online book stores.  

Daryll’s passion is to inspire New Leaders and provide them with the confidence to begin on their leadership journey.   His desire is to coach New Leaders by helping them to identify their personal leadership signature and leverage it to unlock the collective genius of their people.  His mission is to equip New Leaders with tools which will support them in overcoming roadblocks to their growth; and provide them with skills that will enable them to lead change, create business value, and foster engaged work environments.

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Networking & Special Event
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