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2021 Workplace Policy Conference

HR’s voice is so very important in shaping workplace policy, culture and public policy inside and outside the Beltway. Our voice and expertise on the workplace should reach not just our colleagues, employees and leaders, but also policymakers.

 As HR professionals, you have opportunities to create better workplaces and a better world. Take pause and think about how many people your role in HR impacts—together SHRM’s HR professionals—impact the lives of 115 million employees, who are the constituents of today’s leading policymakers.

During this session, I will help you identify how best to voice YOUR story and how you might effectively deliver that message to have an impact. Policymakers are decisionmakers that will impact our workplaces for decades to come. We deserve to be in the room where decisions are being made.

 By telling our stories, HR can better educate policymakers on the workplace and on the reality we face to effectuate meaningful change.”

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Monday, April 19, 2021 - 3:00pm to 3:50pm

Trisha Zulic, SHRM-SCP


Trisha Zulic, SHRM-SCP, is an expert in Human Resources with 20+ years of experience focused on production planning, lean management, diversity & inclusion, forecasting, quality control, training, and project management.   Not only has she proven her professionalism with various accolades, speaking engagements, and expansive leadership background, she is also an inaugural member of the SHRM Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity, Together Forward @Work, to advocate for bold action and change in the workplace.  Throughout her career of delivering operational efficiencies for various organizations, she has also been instrumental in speaking with a respected voice for the Sales, Lean Six Sigma, and HR communities.

Throughout her extensive career, she has been well known in the industry for her charisma, funny disposition, storytelling, great listening and relatable communication skills.  Trisha’s colleagues, friends, and family are known to speak about her compassion and down-to-earth mentality.  As a mentor, friend, and professional, she continues to make strides in the industry.

Various roles have encompassed Trisha’s expertise, including being the Senior Director of Business Operations & Strategy for WSA Distributing, Inc. via Efficient Edge.  She has also tackled the Senior Leadership Consultant role, ensuring a structured, cost-sensitive, operationally focused environment for Efficient Edge HR & Insurance Services.  With a well-known top tier client base, she has been able to lead advanced training and project manage high-level HR efforts.  As a C-Suite leader, Trisha is also well known for creating growth strategies while coaching and mentoring professionals to be operationally sound. 

As the host of “HR with Style” and the leading lady of, Trisha has been able to captivate audiences across the nation, whether to discuss daily activities or professional business initiatives.  As a well-rounded professional and businesswoman, Trisha is credited for her extensive volunteer work for SHRM and CalSHRM. 

Additionally, Trisha Zulic, SHRM-SCP has made it her mission and business vision to continue to partner with leadership teams and Board of Directors across the nation to lead performance management, create strategic 5-year plans, and reach operational excellence.  Trisha is a proven HR leader with multifaceted achievements across various industries, including being a SHRM instructor, and will continue to strive for organizational growth to discover best practices, which in return advocates for growth and work culture success.

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General Session
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