How to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams

HR Reimagined: SHRM Northern California Annual Conference 2020

In the current climate, many organizations are switching to virtual interfaces and find themselves seeking guidance for their remote teams. Dima’s interactive online presentation teaches attendees how to stay connected while working remotely. The first part of the presentation equips managers with actionable strategies to effectively lead their teams virtually, improving morale, performance, and engagement. The second part focuses on individual team members and provides useful tips for improving communication, time management, and overall wellness. With these two segments, companies will be supplied with the employee and manager training needed to effectively work virtually.


  • Gain tips for motivating a virtual team.
  • Improve the virtual team’s communication, morale and performance.
  • Engage the virtual team by connecting them with the manager, with each other and with the company’s mission.
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Friday, September 25, 2020 - 10:45am to 11:45am

Dima Ghawi, MBA

Ghawi, MBA

Dima Ghawi has two decades of corporate experience leading global teams and developing future leaders worldwide. She has worked in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa for several Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, Merrill Lynch and Intuit.

In 2004, Dima began working virtually as a leader of various IBM strategic initiatives, gaining experience managing employees across geographies and time zones. She has hired, engaged and promoted team members that she has never met in person and successfully motivated them to collaborate, communicate and succeed in stressful climates.

In our current environment, many organizations are looking to utilize the benefits of virtual teams post-COVID-19. It is essential for managers to learn how to communicate and ensure high performance from their direct reports regardless of where they are located.

Dima will share effective tips and tools that she has utilized as a global manager with IBM and now as a leadership trainer to help expand your virtual team’s potential.

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Concurrent Session
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All Levels
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