Power Phrases for Empathic Leaders

Inclusion 2019: Shifting Workplace Culture

In this session you will learn effective communication tools you can employ to be more emphatic in the face of conflict or crisis at your company. Through examples of destructive and disgruntled employees, irate customers and negative online reviews, Melissa will offer real-world power phrases and sample conversations that will help you learn how to successfully communicate high-stakes responses the right way. The session will include pre-crafted responses to the most commonly asked questions about conflict, crises and awkward situations facing leaders today, including comments around physical attributes, race, sexual orientation, age, experience level and socioeconomic status. Melissa will then direct participants through building their own Communication Guides—a personalized messaging guide that lists the exact power phrases they can employ throughout a number of scenarios.

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Monday, October 28, 2019 - 3:35pm to 3:53pm

Melissa DeLay


Melissa DeLay is the award-winning founder and principal owner of TruPerception. With nearly two decades of strategic and corporate communication experience—including consulting for companies such as Ameriprise Financial and the State of Minnesota, as well as senior positions with 3M, Carlson Companies, Maytag and AmeriPride—Melissa knows how to deliver the right words in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement and build a stronger brand.

Her first book “The Truth About Scandal: The Everyday Guide to Navigating Business Crises,” details Melissa's years of first-hand experience coaching and consulting professionals through some of the toughest communications issues facing modern leaders today. 

Connection Zone/Acadia (Third Floor)
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Smart Stage
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Intermediate (Fostering DEI)
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