Closing Session Remarks and California's New Regulations on Transgender Workers and Background Checks

A SHRM Symposium: Spotlight on California
Learn about the latest changes to California law regarding transgender employee rights and the use of criminal background checks.

Another year, another change in California employment law you have to navigate. New regulations include clarifications of an employer's obligations to its transgender workforce, and how employers can use applicants' and employees' criminal backgrounds to make hiring and employment decisions. The presenter, a member of California's Fair Employment and Housing Council with extensive experience in advising employers on these issues, will discuss the latest developments and what they mean for you.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to handle employee requests related to gender identity and gender expression, and other issues concerning employer obligations to the workforce.
  • How to handle employee requests for name and pronoun changes and the use of bathrooms and other facilities that match the employee's gender identity.
  • How you may and may not use information obtained through criminal background checks to make decisions about applicants and current employees.
  • Best practices for drafting effective policies and procedures to address these changes.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:45pm

Patti C. Perez

Patti C.

Patti Perez is on a mission to transform workplace culture. She combines her experience as a licensed California attorney, a professionally-certified HR executive, a specialist in the prevention and resolution of workplace drama, an expert witness in state and federal court, a state regulator and as an entrepreneur to create a revolutionary shift in the way we communicate and make decisions at work.

Patti serves as VP of Workplace Strategy for Emtrain to help us in our mission to create healthier workplace cultures. This role helps her to leverage technology solutions to deliver engaging, informative and pragmatic content and also allows her to provide thought leadership on workplace training issues.

Metropolitan Ballroom
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Concurrent Session
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