Lina Graves


Lina has served as a Human Resources leader for nearly 20 years. Early in her career, she founded a consulting agency, ISE Group, Inc. where she provided organizations with Human Resources support with a dynamic focus on workplace culture. In 2011, Lina decided to join one of the largest post-acute providers of healthcare in the country, Genesis Healthcare. As a Human Resources leader for Genesis, she spent 7 years focused on leading a team of Human Resources professionals in providing the highest level of service to nearly 24,000 employees. During her tenure with Genesis, Lina led the creation of a sustainable workplace culture centered around treating team members with care, love and compassion.

After spending many years with Genesis, Lina’s focus returned to consulting with organizations in an effort to successfully create unmatched cultures and build employer branding that set each organization apart and made them the employer of choice within their industry. Today, Lina is the Chief People Officer for Hirschfeld Properties, a real estate development and property management company based out of New York that serves communities across the country. In her role at Hirschfeld, Lina has focused her attention on building work environments where employees feel valued, respected and loved by the organization they support.

Additionally, Lina’s passion for creating sustainable workplace culture continues on through her latest venture, Culture ConNext, Inc. Culture ConNext is an organization dedicated to creating the highest attainable levels of culture for the clients they serve. Culture ConNext has also established an annual conference where leaders across multiple industries come together every year with the collective goal of improving culture in their organizations. Lina’s goal with establishing Culture ConNext is to have a positive impact in workplace culture that ultimately leads to the creation of a kinder world.

People who know Lina say she is a devoted leader of people who thrives in environments where she can make a difference by improving how individuals feel about the organization they support. Lina strongly believes that leading from the heart is the most rewarding approach to leadership and she goes above and beyond to educate her partners on the importance of employees feeling “safe” and included in the workplace. Above all, Lina is passionate about building meaningful relationships with everyone she comes in contact with. Lina’s motto is in life is to be kind in every interaction and to leave a lasting positive impact on every single life she touches.

On a personal note, Lina enjoys spending time with her husband and four children at their home in sunny Florida. Lina enjoys the beach, traveling, and exploring different cultures while immersing herself in the beautiful and diverse world we share. She loves sharing details about her own culture and her heart ignites when she talks about her home country of Colombia.