Fitness Activity Option 2: Yoga by Positive Energy

2020 Volunteer Leaders' Business Meeting

Positive Energy Slow-Flow Yoga: A slower-paced, gentle flow of relaxing stretches designed to create space in the body, improve flexibility and calm the nervous system and mind.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 9:30am to 10:00am

Olivia Sheldon Barnett

Sheldon Barnett

Olivia Sheldon Barnett began her passion for fitness and health at an early age. At 15, Olivia became a Black Belt in Karate and continued on her fitness passion path: teaching kickboxing, aerobics, women's self-defense classes, and working at a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. In 1999, she earned her Yoga Teacher Certification.

From her own experience and inspiration, Olivia created Positive Energy Yoga®. She has spent the last two decades teaching in the Washington D.C. area in corporate settings, gyms and to private clients. She specializes in catering to each individual’s unique needs and enjoys a playful, light-hearted approach to the practice.

After many injuries from years of wear and tear, and after receiving a diagnosis of hypermobility (explaining many aches and pains), Olivia transitioned to a new-found appreciation of fitness, health and yoga. Less is more. Balance is best.

Olivia’s Mantra: Humility. Integrity. Perseverance. Heal thyself. DO YOU! SHINE ON!

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Networking & Special Events
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