Sel Watts


Sel is an HR Professional, Business & People Leader, Speaker, and seasoned entrepreneur. Sel started her career in HR over 20 years ago and launched her first business wattsnext Group in 2007 with the vision to disrupt the HR industry and create great workplaces across the globe.

wattsnext is based in Brisbane and New York and partners with Founders & CEO's of small to medium businesses and fast growth startups to create high performing and engaged teams and cultures.

Sel has developed and led her own team of HR professionals, supporting them to not only be successful within wattsnext but to continue to advance their careers and personal lives beyond wattsnext, which has led to the launch of her most recent business The HR Linc.

The HR Linc is a membership and community created to disrupt and advance the professional development of sole charge HR professionals in the small to medium business sector.  Our mission is to elevate HR to have a valued seat at the table whilst connecting and growing our members through experiential learning.

The Unconventional Life vlog is Sel’s way of sharing her journey of expanding her brands globally, chasing a dream and living a ‘no plan b’ life.  She is passionate about people choosing the life they really want and gives value to her audience through her vulnerable and engaging style.

Sel also allocates time to coaching Founders, CEO’s and startup entrepreneurs.   She is known for her progressive and real approach to HR and her raw and honest shares of her experience as a Leader.

Sel is a mother to three sons who are learning a lot about resilience, gratitude, never settling and striving for their dreams with everything they have!

You can learn more about Sel’s background, experience, many ventures, and accomplishments here