Sel Watts


Sel is a prolific keynote speaker, delivering keynotes, workshops, fireside chats and intimate gatherings for business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and those aspiring to break out of society’s mold and create their dream life.

Sel Watts is known for her success building an Australia born HR consulting firm helping small to medium businesses and fast growth startups create high performance from the top down. Her expertise is dealing with Founders and entrepreneurs because she is one; and now she has taken her expertise to New York City to ramp up her knowledge sharing. She is known for her disruptive approach to HR and her raw and honest shares of her experience as a Leader.

In addition, she is a Co‐Founder of two tech startups that are both leading the way in their respective industries. A true entrepreneur, Sel challenges the status quo to create business for the future.

The Unconventional Life vlog is Sel’s way of sharing her journey of expanding her brands globally, chasing a dream and “having a crack” at living a “no plan b” life. She is passionate about people choosing the life they really want and gives value to her audience through her vulnerable and engaging style.

Sel is a mother to three young sons who are learning a lot about resilience, gratitude, never settling and striving for a dream with everything they have!