Brenda Hampel

When it comes to the business of leadership onboarding and development, Brenda Hampel has her finger on the pulse.
She understands that organizations want to move their best leadership forward. Her unique perspective and intuitiveness allows clients to make the right connections, giving them tools for strategic change and the courage to do something different.
Brenda’s unique combination of corporate human resources experience and consulting work equips her to build the business case for human resources initiatives and creates a clear blueprint for implementation.
As Founder and Partner of Connect the Dots Consulting, Brenda has taken her expertise in the areas of leadership, team alignment, performance and onboarding coaching—and helps organizations design and implement solutions that combine proven methodology with practical business application.
Brenda helps her clients build and maintain relationships in a way that allows the leaders to have the right kinds of conversations. She helps transition the leaders into powerful, dynamic relationships with their team and produce results. 
Brenda’s specialty is in the facilitation of leadership team sessions and discussions. Her years of experience and business acumen allow her to facilitate complex and difficult discussions by creating a framework, surfacing the necessary information and input, then pulling it together and creating commitments for next steps. This powerful process allows organizations to pinpoint with laser-like accuracy the areas that need attention so they can reach their goals faster.