Brian Blasko


Brian learned early in his teaching career that he had a knack for connecting with students in a way that was both fun and productive.  Not only did they connect with the course material being covered, Brian helped them become better students by sharing what it takes to be successful in life.  This ability was not lost on his mentor/college professor who urged him to take his show on the road.  His advice . . . “why limit yourself from impacting a handful of students when there are so many more people out there who could benefit from your positive message.”

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that Brian has become one of the most sought after speakers in the country having connected with thousands through his keynotes, seminars and books.  Known for his high-energy presentation, engaging style and infectious sense of humor, Brian’s thought-provoking messages have connected with organizations and audiences of all shapes and sizes . . . from Fortune 100 companies to Ma and Pa retail shops.  Brian loves them all.

Brian is also an author of two books, Cruisin' through Life at 35 MPH and Sending Signals.

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