Sheri Barnes


Sheri made a bold career change after 35 years in Advertising/Design. At the age of 55 she decided to pursue her other passion in life—Health & Wellness. During her extensive career in Advertising Sheri found that long hours and job related stress had a debilitating effect on the health and wellbeing of herself and those around her. She found that this “stress effect” was ubiquitous in the workplace.

Sheri began her journey to become a Health & Wellness Expert and Speaker in 2008 where she obtained her Personal Trainer certification. From there she authored a health and fitness book—MAMA KNOWS FITNESS: Bells, Balance & Your Body—about finding time in your life to exercise, the importance of being healthy and fit, and her amazing exercise tool of choice—Kettlebells.

Today Sheri has incorporated her Health & Wellness expertise, along with her experience working in Corporate America, to empower people to TAKE CONTROL and REINVENT THEIR LIVES. Whether she is speaking about Boosting Your Energy, Sitting Too Long or Career Reinvention, her underlying message is holistic fitness—of the mind, body and soul. It is nearly impossible to face life’s challenges without physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness.

Sheri speaks from the heart, with humor and audience interaction. She particularly relates to Baby Boomers, being born right in the middle of that generation. With the Boomers being the largest population moving into their 50s and 60s, Sheri has become an inspiration for people who want to reinvent themselves, their careers and their lives. She empowers people to make that CHANGE.