Tarik Greene


Tarik Greene is the Co-Founder and Deputy Executive Director of M.A.D.E. TransitionalServices where he oversees transitional employment and housing programs, and strategic initiatives and partnerships. Previously, Tarik was the Offender Workforce Development Specialist and Assistant Disability Program Navigator at Rockland County’s One Stop Resource and Employment agency. Tarik has extensive experience making quality employment referrals and job placements. He is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment, which supports meeting the needs of business partners, colleagues, and jobseekers. Tarik successfully implemented and continues to provide the evidence-based Ready, Set, Work! program at Rockland County Correctional Center, and is a liaison for NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Work for Success program. A certified Offender Workforce Development Specialist (OWDS), he also conducts the intensive OWDS train-the-trainer sessions for statewide practitioners.