An Inside Look at Disney’s Culture of Excellence

2014 Annual Conference

Disney is a recognized leader in workforce management and is an employer of choice. It’s no wonder the company’s competitive advantage is its people. You will travel by motor coach from the convention center to select Walt Disney World® Resort behind-the-scenes* locations to learn how to fully engage and retain employees through proven and easily adaptable strategies. Examine the management philosophies and best practices of the largest single-site employer in the U.S.—the Walt Disney World Resort. At Disney, working hard to ensure employee satisfaction is more than good management—it’s smart business. This program provides leaders and managers with key insights for recruiting and training the best possible employees; building commitment and enthusiasm through communication and recognition; and designing a culture of excellence that puts people first.

Program Benefits

  • See first-hand how Disney applies and operationalizes the strategies and tactics we discuss
  • Apply the strategies Disney leaders use to foster individual responsibility across the organization
  • Inspire commitment and leadership development in others
  • Implement your own action plan to align your vision, goals and continued development
  • Build organization-wide processes to reinforce your corporate culture
  • Analyze and improve your existing selection and hiring process
  • Adapt Disney training strategies to promote and emphasize organizational values
  • Develop effective communication methods to meet your organization's need
  • Understand the importance of providing employees with a supportive and caring environment to create pride in supporting the organization's culture.
  • Understand how Disney’s approaches to creating an environment of care can be adapted by any organization.

*Locations visited will include some, but not all of the following (depending on availability):

  • Walt Disney World® Resort Casting Center. Disney “Casting” (employment office) is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and staffing of every division and department throughout the Walt Disney World® Resort. Its mission is to facilitate these functions based on needs defined by Disney leaders, human resource operations, and ongoing customer satisfaction measurements. The Casting philosophy is a reflection of the organization’s culture and strategy. To this end, we reveal our non-negotiables and how we identify “right fit” talent. Human resources consistently hires new employees based on correct “attitude” before considering “aptitude.
  • Disney University. Participants travel to Disney University to experience an abbreviated version of the Walt Disney World® orientation program (Traditions). Included in this training experience will be an introduction to the important concepts of working with a common purpose and aligning the delivery of service around defined Quality Standards. In addition, we will share the Seven Guidelines for Guest Service (expected behaviors) including a discussion on service recovery.
  • Epcot® Cast Services Building. Participants experience the “backstage” area of Epcot® Cast Services from a Cast Member (Disney employee) perspective, seeing how the Walt Disney World® Resort creates a supportive environment for the Cast Members as they prepare to go on stage. Participants discover the important role backstage areas play in creating a caring environment and learn why and how Disney creates a culture of success through recognition programs.
  • Main Street, U.S.A.® in Disney’s Magic Kingdom® Park. Participants take a guided stroll through this turn-of-the-century walkway to better understand how we strive to exceed the expectations of our Guests (customers). They will see the Service Compass tool from day one in action and discover how it helps Disney go beyond standard demographics to meet the needs, wants, stereotypes, and emotions of Guests with innovative products and services.
  • The “Utilidor” System underneath Disney’s Magic Kingdom® Park. Participants journey beneath the Magic Kingdom® Park to visit support systems designed to improve the experiences of Cast Members and Guests alike. See how “backstage” Cast Members connect with the Guest experience to create lasting customer relationships that drive repeat business and brand loyalty.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014 - 8:00am to 5:30pm
Sunday, June 22, 2014 - 8:00am to 12:30pm
Hyatt Regency Orlando
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Executive Education
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