MEGA SESSION: There is No Such Thing as a Difficult Person… Just People with Different Personalities

2014 Annual Conference
Workplace application: Learn about the biological basis of personality and how to “speak” the language of the nine basic types of personalities.

You’ll learn the worldviews and communication styles of the nine basic personality types and each one’s primary motivation and communication style. Thomas will share the tools and techniques she has amassed through her 30+ years researching human potential and the biological basis of personality. She will teach you to communicate more effectively by reading people more accurately, and then speaking their language. After this session, you will be able to list the three main chemicals that create personality and one or two factors that impact the activity of those chemicals. With this understanding and a few basic guidelines, you will find working with employees and coworkers much less frustrating and potentially downright fun!

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Monday, June 23, 2014 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Tina Thomas, Ph.D.


Dr. Tina Thomas is an internationally renowned author and motivational speaker specializing in the field of self-development. Her endearing charismatic style has garnered Dr. Thomas a reputation of one of the most dynamic speakers on the circuit today. Her proven innovative programs enable people to quickly achieve their goals, be they business success, personal growth or that competitive edge. Dr. Thomas has been featured as a personality expert on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

Dr. Thomas was propelled into the international spotlight when she was credited with cracking the code of human personality, a feat that has been referred to by some as the “Holy Grail of Psychology.” The significance of this psychological breakthrough is immense; in fact many feel it could revolutionize the entire thought process of how humans reach their potential.

Practicing what she calls the “magic” of science and psychology, Dr. Thomas has authored two game-changing books: A Gentle Path – A Guide to Peace, Passion and Power, is being revised and re-released as The Ultimate Edge — How to Be, Do and Get ANYTHING You Want. She also has a new book being published this year based on her research titled Who Do You Think You Are? — Understanding People from the Inside Out. As her first book was, this exciting new material is sure to be well reviewed, become a best seller and will be an outstanding companion to her speaking career.

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