MEGA SESSION: What Your CEO Wishes HR Would Start Doing

2014 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: Learn how to increase your influence with your senior executive team.

Why is it that HR doesn’t always feel like they have enough influence in their organization? This session digs deep into the “why” and discovers the “how” in uncovering strategies you can use to move your HR operation into a position of power within you organization. Your CEO wants a number of things out of HR, and none of them have to do with processes, policies, or more strategy meetings. This session helps you identify what they want and how you can provide it, plus shows you how to grow your influence and achieve your goals.

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Monday, June 23, 2014 - 7:00am to 8:15am

Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP

Sackett, SHRM-SCP

Tim Sackett, SCP, is the CEO of, a leading technical recruiting firm. Tim has over 20 years of combined executive HR and talent acquisition experience working for Fortune 500 companies. Tim is a highly sought-after international speaker on leadership, HR &TA Tech, talent acquisition, and HR execution. Tim is currently a Senior Faculty member with the Josh Bersin Academy. He is also an Angel investor and advisor and sits on multiple HR Technology corporate boards.

Tim is the author of the newly released book The Talent Fix, Vol. 2. He also writes daily on his blog, the Tim Sackett Project. Tim is married to a hall-of-fame wife, has three sons, and his dog Tucker. In 2023, he was named a Top Global HR & Recruitment Influencer by HR Executive. He has more Twitter (X) followers than his 3 Gen Z sons and is sponsored on stage by diet Mt. Dew.

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Mega Session
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