Veteran Hiring: Changing the Conversation

2014 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: Learn how to hire veterans and leverage veteran’s affairs benefits to transform your workforce and fill critical positions within your company.

The U.S. hiring model is one where employers typically fill positions with employees who already possess qualifications for a specific position. This is contrary to what veterans experience in the military where they join the military and are then trained to perform a specialty. Veterans possess many attributes that enhance a workforce. Many veterans also have benefits available from the Department of Veterans Affairs which can assist them in learning needed job skills- often at no cost to employers. Let’s change the conversation from providing veterans a “job” to hiring veterans to enhance your productivity, workforce morale and long term success. You will learn how several successful companies have created veteran hiring programs to fill their open positions.

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Monday, June 23, 2014 - 10:45am to 12:00pm

Curtis L. Coy

Curtis L.

Curtis L. Coy, Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Opportunity, oversees the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program for the Veterans Benefits Administration. This program is a critical component in VA's benefits programs, providing disabled Veterans with the retraining resources they need to successfully transition to civilian life.

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HR Credit
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Concurrent Session
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