Communicating Persuasively

2016 SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: Learn how to communicate the way you intend and create buy-in from others.

Whether CEO or janitor, middle manager or subordinate, leader or follower, we are all trying to persuade others in one way or another. We all want to have the confidence and conviction necessary in order for the other party to trust what we are communicating. What are the verbal and nonverbal cues you need to be successful in persuasive communication? This session will open your eyes to how your messages are being received and how you can tailor your messages to persuade another party to take a certain action. This is a critical skill you must have, given your role in selling your organization and convincing candidates to join your company! This session will help you understand:

·         The impact of body language and vocal quality on trust and confidence.

·         How to align the intent of your message with the way the message is received. 

·         How to persuade others to a course of action.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 8:15am to 9:30am

Becky Rupiper-Greene


Becky Rupiper-Greene is a Senior Training and Image Consultant for Tero International. She joined the Tero Team in 2006, and was designated a lead Tero trainer in 2009.

Becky brings to Tero over 20 years of expertise in visual communication and perception management. Becky is a graduate of the Fashion & Art Institute of Dallas and is certified through the London Image Institute. She is the region's only Image Consultant professionally certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Working with clients in group settings and as an executive coach, Becky has assisted corporate employees, politicians, college students, and entrepreneurs reach their full potential through the increased credibility and confidence that result from projecting well-developed visual and verbal presence.

In 2007, Becky was certified as an administrator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Upon certification, Becky began training groups for Tero across industries in Building Customer Relationships, Sales and Service and Team Building by interpreting and using the MBTI personality assessment tool. Under Becky’s direction, clients learned how to use the MBTI for understanding individual differences and uncovering more effective ways to interact with others to achieve outcomes.

Becky was a key member of the development team for the redesign of Tero International’s Beyond Compromise, Win Win Negotiations course in 2008 and Influence: How To Achieve Winning Outcomes in 2011. Serving as co-trainer for the eleven pilot trainings to solidify and customize the redesign, Becky went on to become a lead Negotiations trainer in 2009, and has delivered customized versions of this curriculum, as well as the influencing outcomes curriculum to sales professionals, project engineers, and procurement professionals across numerous industries.

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Concurrent Session
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