The Supreme Court Speaks … Are You Listening?

2018 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Gain a thorough understanding of the most important decisions from the highest court in the land.

With each ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States is permanently shaping federal employment law principles. Recent and looming Supreme Court rulings—on issues ranging from class-action waivers to whistle-blower protection to President Donald Trump's travel ban—may bring significant changes to the workplace. This session will examine these and other key employment law decisions from the last few terms, with more than just a summary of the holdings. The facts of each case, the court's rationale, the long-term implications and, most importantly, how the decision will affect the employer community will be thoroughly analyzed in an interesting and entertaining fashion. This session will also address how the recent appointment of Neil Gorsuch and possible retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy will affect the balance of the court. This session will:

  • Provide you with a thorough understanding of the most important labor and employment-related decisions from the highest court in the land—and what you need to do to protect your organization from legal liability.
  • Analyze how the different justices tend to “line up” on key business issues—and what that tells us about the future.
  • Assist you with the practical applications needed to implement your workplace policies and procedures.
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Monday, March 12, 2018 - 1:45pm to 3:15pm

Joseph L. Beachboard

Joseph L.

Joseph L. Beachboard is a nationally recognized expert on employment law issues. He serves as managing director of Ogletree Deakins, an employment law specialty firm with more than 850 attorneys in 52 offices. In addition to representing management in a wide variety of employment and labor matters, Mr. Beachboard speaks regularly before HR and employer groups on cutting edge employment law topics. He is a member of SHRM and for the past two decades has been a presenter at this program and the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. Mr. Beachboard also has developed an expertise in providing informative and engaging training programs—and has worked with dozens of companies around the country, including the cast and crew of dozens of NBC television shows (such as The Office and The Tonight Show) and the contestants, judges, and crew of several competition shows (such as So You Think You Can Dance and Master Chef).


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