Luncheon & General Session Featuring Jacob Morgan

2018 Talent Conference & Exposition

The Experiential Organization:  How the Best Organizations are Winning the War for Talent and Crushing the Competition

Investment in employee engagement has never been higher yet scores have never been lower, how can that be the case?  For decades, we have been investing in short-term “adrenaline shot” programs such free food or work from home Friday’s with no impact for employees or the organization. Instead of forcing people into outdated workplace practices the world’s top companies are redesigning work around their people by focusing on three environments:   culture, technology, and the physical workspace. Based on Jacob Morgan’s ongoing research of 252 organizations, he will share why employee experience is the next big area of investment, what the top companies are doing, and how you can go about creating an Experiential Organization. The future of work is all about the employee experience. The key points that he will address include:

·         Why and how the workplace is changing.

·         The three employee experience environments: culture, physical space, and technology.

·         Employee experience vs employee engagement.

·         How to design and create employee experiences.

·         What some of the world’s most forward thinking organizations are doing.

·         What employees care about most in the workplace.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is a three time best-selling author, keynote speaker and futurist who explores the future of work and employee experience. His latest book is, The Employee Experience Advantage: How to Win the War on Talent
by Giving Employees the Workspaces they want, the Tools they Need and a Culture They Can Celebrate (Wiley, March 2017) which is based on an analysis of over 250 global organizations. His previous books are, The
Future of Work and The Collaborative Organization.
Jacob’s work has been endorsed by the CEOs of: Cisco, Whirlpool, T-Mobile, Best Buy, SAP, Nestle, KPMG, Schneider Electric and many others. He is regularly featured in business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard
Business Review, CNN, NPR, USA Today, Forbes and others.
Jacob has a popular podcast and YouTube series where he explores various themes around the future of work. You can learn more and get access to all of these resources by visiting:
Jacob is also the founder of “The Future If,” a global community of business leaders, authors, and futurists who explore what our future can look like IF certain technologies, ideas, approaches and trends actually happen. We
look at everything from AI and automation to leadership and management practices to augmented and virtual reality, the 4th industrial revolution, and everything in between. Visit to learn more.
Augustus Ballroom I-VI
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General Session
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