If You Think You Have a Millennial Recruiting Problem, You're Missing the Bigger Picture

2018 Talent Conference & Exposition
You will learn how the shifts in how we work mean it’s necessary to rethink what kind of culture and “product” you need to create to attract the best talent.

Repeated from Monday at 3:00 p.m.

Many companies today are talking about their “Millennial problem” around engagement, loyalty and retention. But companies focusing on Millennials are missing the bigger picture: The fundamental ways in which people work has changed, which has affected all ages and generations. Too many companies continue to manage and regulate their people based on principles and rules developed before the introduction of the Internet, laptops and smartphones; believe these principles still apply today and believe they will be good enough to attract top talent moving forward. That simply isn't the reality. It's time for companies to rethink their product and create a culture designed for their ideal employees of all ages. This session will help you:
Understand Millennials beyond the stereotypes, and also to learn about where these stereotypes come from.
Understand the current workplace disconnect, the future of work and the workplace, and what top talent will expect from organizations moving forward. What great talent seeks from work is vastly different today than just 10 years ago, let alone 25 years ago when today's current senior leaders were entering the workplace. These changes have shown themselves in record levels of turnover and disengagement, which doesn't mean that you must pander to Millennials but rather you should be creating an environment that allows your people to do their best, most inspired work, every single day.
Create a culture and environment to succeed in the future of work and to attract and retain top talent by learning Change Point’s “Seven Pillars of Culture,” which are the foundation to a unique culture and the discovery of your recipe for your “secret sauce.” 
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 9:45am to 11:00am

Patrick Kelly


Patrick Kelly is the founder and President of Change Point Consulting.  He began his career in the corporate world as a consultant for a global real estate organization, working with business owners all over the world on issues around growth strategies, attracting talent, marketing, and building engaging cultures.  Through his tenure, Patrick began to see common issues arise: the struggles of what lacking an authentic culture that is built for today’s changing world will do to limit attracting, retaining, and engaging great employees Through Change Point, Patrick works with companies to create unique cultures, get beyond generational stereotypes, understand the larger changes in how we work, and learn how to use culture to attract the best people.

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