Rethinking, Rebuilding, and Reinforcing Culture for Talent Development

2018 Talent Conference & Exposition
You will examine how to simplifiy the process of overhauling your culture with the right questions and practices.

Culture is a living, breathing, dynamic identity that defines your organization's purpose, direction and values, empowering your people to take ownership and make decisions to drive forward what your organization really needs. Your culture is the core for how all employees realize and translate their full potential into dynamic growth and performance that you can help sustain and replicate. Rethinking, rebuilding and reinforcing culture implements a transformative, agile and scalable system to unlock the full capability and performance of your organization while ensuring it will adapt to current and future needs. But you're concerned: You might not even know what your culture is, how it was formed, who's influencing it, and if it's driving your business forward or holding you back. If so, this session is for you! This session will help you:

·         Understand what your culture is now and what it needs to be.

·         Break down what your culture is built on.

·         Begin building a manifesto, collaborative vision, communication code and similar culture documents.

·         Evaluate and reinforce your new culture with your people.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 11:15am to 12:30pm

Joe Urbanski


Joe Urbanski is COO with the Total Solutions Group (TSG), your partner in driving the results that are Really Most Important™ now and for the long-term in your culture, strategy, and capability. We earn the right to become an extension of your executive team and organizational leaders. We custom-build and implement end-to-end solutions through strategic consulting and results-based training to achieve a culture-driven transformation, ensuring that your people will take ownership of and replicate this impact going forward.

Our commitment in working with you is taking the time to really understand your people, teams, and organization with the right assessment tools, real-time observation, onsite strategy meetings, and full immersion into your business. We develop and fully implement comprehensive solutions with you, integrating and setting new org-wide standards for your organizational culture, business strategy, and operational capability.

Since 2004, we have partnered with over 150 domestic and global organizations. Some of our clients include Gaming Labs International, Bosch, Mountain America Credit Union, Microsoft, Comcast, Genentech, Toyota, Invesco, Formosa Plastics, and the Marine Corps. We have driven $225 million in ROI for our clients in profitability, performance, and cost reduction.


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