A Time for Civility: Moving Beyond Harassment and Bullying to Practicing Civility in the Workplace

2019 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Learn strategies to develop a proactive campaign that prevents unwanted harassment and behavior through positive workplace civility.

Repeated from Tuesday at 9:00am

It's time to move beyond anti-harassment and anti-bullying campaigns. For years, we've been telling employees what NOT to do, but rarely do we focus on how we expect them to act. The absence of "bad" does not make "good." Good behavior requires that employees understand what is expected of them and that they have the interpersonal skills necessary to meet those expectations. It's time to step away from the “anti-” strategies and to roll out the “pro-” campaign by working with employees to develop interpersonal skills that generate and support civility and professionalism in the workplace. This session will include discussions about the ongoing impact of harassment; the growing trends of bullying; and the interpersonal and social impacts those behaviors have on your business, people and community. You will learn a transition strategy to begin the conversation on how to introduce civility into your workplace and achieve the goals of your harassment, discrimination and bullying policies by focusing on positive behavior changes. You will also learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to preventing discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace fail.
  • How developing a proactive campaign that focuses on positive behavior change is more effective than taking a restrictive, policing approach to policy enforcement.
  • Steps for introducing civility into the workplace to generate positive behavior changes and improved interpersonal relations, communication and business outcomes.
  • How to build training curriculum and follow-up engagement strategies that support positive workplace behavior change.
  • Strategies to perpetuate positive interpersonal dynamics that improve workplace civility and decrease situations of unwanted harassment, discrimination or bullying.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Wade Larson


Dr. Wade Larson is on a personal mission to help individuals and companies overcome mediocrity and achieve their best. With a background in HR, leadership, wellness and talent development, Wade has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals as a consultant and HR Executive to develop programs that help them do more, achieve more and be more. An article in Forbes highlighted his approach to continuous improvement as he shares in his book Doing HR Better by encouraging leaders to find new ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness in core processes. Bloomberg Law and Telemundo highlighted Larson’s latest strategy of pharma tourism that he outlines in his book, Mind Shifts in Healthcare. Wade is owner and principal of Larson Leadership Consulting and serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Wagstaff, Inc., a global manufacturing leader in the aluminum industry. More can be found at www.wadelarson.com


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