Hateful Conduct and Workplace Violence: A Workshop on Preventative Tips and Best Practices

2020 Annual Conference & Exposition
This workshop arms you with the tools you need to keep your policies, procedures, training and emergency action plans up to date specifically in relation to workplace violence and hate-based behaviors.

The current political and social climate has resulted in increased cultural tensions in the workplace at unprecedented levels. Incidents of workplace violence and hate-based behaviors, including harassment, threats, cyberbullying and even active-shooter situations, are far more commonplace than they were just a few years ago. These incidents negatively impact employees by damaging employee morale, diversity and inclusion initiatives, individual and company reputations and, with increasing frequency, the business bottom line. Creating a harmonious, violence-free workplace is every organization’s goal, but how do employers foster a diverse workplace culture that is also hate-free and safe for every employee? How can you prevent and effectively address hateful conduct or violent incidents before they disrupt your company culture? What are the warning signs of hateful or violent conduct and what actions can you take to protect your employees (and yourself)? Join workplace violence authority Dr. Dennis Davis and Luther Wright, Jr., an experienced employment attorney, as they share their insights for combating hate-based conduct, identifying the early warning signs of violence, and understanding the symptoms and behaviors of individuals escalating toward hateful or violent behavior. They will also address the most important steps organizations can take to prevent (or minimize the impact of) these incidents in the workplace. 
Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn effective techniques and strategies for preventing, diffusing, and responding to hate-based and/or violent incidents in the workplace.  
  • Explore the most common barriers to healthy cross-cultural communications/relationships, including implicit bias, stereotypes and microaggressions, and effective ways to overcome them. 
  • Learn to identify the early warning signs of individuals that are prone to violence and ways to respond to these behaviors before they result in conflicts or employee harm. 
  • Discuss how to specifically address certain employee behavior, such as harassment and cyberbullying, which may later escalate into violent incidents. 
  • Review current best practices that can help employers meet the goal of providing harmonious and safe workplaces, as well as appropriate responses should hateful or violent conduct occur. 


Date(s) & Time(s): 
Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 8:00am to 12:00pm

Dennis Alan Davis

Dennis Alan

Dennis A. Davis, Ph.D. is recognized nationally as an expert on workplace violence prevention, workplace bullying, conflict resolution, sexual harassment, and cultural diversity. Since 2008, Dr. Davis has served as Ogletree Deakins’ National Director of Client Training. In that capacity, he develops and implements training programs that are designed to minimize the risks associated with inappropriate employee behavior. Dr. Davis spent more than 10 years consulting to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, where he used his education in clinical psychology to teach willful compliance techniques.

Luther Wright, Jr.

Wright, Jr.
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Global & Cultural Effectiveness
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