Leading Change: Critical Skills for HR Professionals' Careers and Organizations

2020 Annual Conference & Exposition
Emerge with new insights and actionable strategies to make a meaningful, positive impact to shape the future for your careers and organizations.

The failure rate of major organizational change is shockingly high: 70% or more! Considering a large portion of that statistic is due to "people issues," organizations around the world in this time of massive disruption across industries desperately need the unique and valuable perspective that only HR can bring to the table. The percentage of organizations that equip their people to lead change (not just manage change or cope with change) is shockingly low. Effectiveness in the HR role hinges upon contributing to successful change. In this highly interactive workshop, based on neuroscience and psychology, you will diagnose your style of leading change and obtain actionable coaching to develop this critical competency, which will bolster your ability to overcome resistance to new ways of working and partner with key stakeholders in the change process. The correlation between agile cultures and agile leaders is clear and compelling. By learning to lead change, which includes developing change leadership capacity in your organization, you are poised to make a strategic, bottom-line impact. You will walk away with both actionable tactics to influence change more effectively yourself as well as real-world strategies to develop this capability in the leaders, teams and organizations you serve.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to lead change and engage stakeholders up, down and across your workplace to increase your influence and impact for your organization, team and career. 
  • Diagnose one's own change leader style (strengths, blind spots and developmental tactics) as well as how to assess and enhance one's organization's approach to building change leadership capability.
  • Reframe resistance to change from enemy to ally and explore how to leverage resistance as a powerful source of information to adapt one's influence style to build relationships that get results.
  • Discover how to engage the heart, enlighten the head and equip the hands to get people moving in positive new directions so change sticks.
  • Emerge as a more competent and confident—and less stressed and frustrated—leader of change.
Date(s) & Time(s): 
Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 8:00am to 12:00pm

Barbara Anne Trautlein

Barbara Anne

Barbara Trautlein, PhD is author of Change Intelligence® and originator of the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligent® Leaders and Organizations. For 30 years, Barbara has coached executives, trained leaders at all levels, certified change agents, and facilitated change transformational initiatives - achieving bottom-line business and powerful leadership results.  In 2015 she was honored as the Change Management Consultant of the Year by the ACMP.  She is gifted at sharing actionable and impactful strategies.  Clients served include Abbott Laboratories, BP, Cisco, Ford, the NYPD, and Save the Children.  Barbara holds a doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan. 

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Preconference Workshop
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