Are You a 6G Leader? Discover the Six Steps to Releasing the Genius Leader You Were Born to Be!

SHRM 2013 Talent Management Conference
Are You a 6G Leader? Discover the Six Steps to Releasing the Genius Leader You Were Born to Be!
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Workplace Application: This session will show you six strategies to maximize your leadership potential by mastering a system that creates an environment where “everyone is a leader,” regardless of position, pay or power!

You've heard of a 5G phone, right? The “G” refers to “generation,” indicating that each new iteration (4G, 5G, etc.) is superior to the last when it comes to improved functionality—each generation builds on its previous successes. The same can be said for the 6G Leader. This session provides leadership solutions to help end the occurrences of dropped calls to action, dropped connections of engagement, and dropped commitments to success. During this session, McMillan reveals the secrets and strategies for maximizing leadership potential. Discover the six leadership traits—1G Genetic, 2G Generic, 3G Go-To, 4G Growth, 5G Gateway and 6G Genius—as well as the secrets to becoming a 6G leader today. 

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Monday, April 15, 2013 - 1:30pm to 2:45pm

Robert C McMillan


Robert C. McMillan is the President and Founder of the 6G Leader Institute, an organization that is dedicated to helping leaders become the Genius Leaders they were born to be by targeting and rebuilding what he calls leader “weak zones” into “strength zones.” Robert is the author of several professional development and leadership books:

- His newest book, The 6G Leader: Six Generations to Release the Genius Leader You Were Born to Be!
- 6G Aptitude Leadership Aptitude Assessment - Discover Your Leadership Style!
- Overcoming You! Five Steps to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential!

Robert is a highly recognized professional development and leadership business speaker, consultant, trainer, executive coach and author. What sets him apart from others in his field is that he has served in both executive and senior management leadership positions for over two decades with organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Motorola, General Electric, and Ernst and Young to highlight a few.

Most recently Robert served as one of the Chief Executive’s over the world’s largest health insurance plan, a $27 Billion program, which President Barack Obama, White House Staff, Members of Congress and over 7 million federal government employees were customers.

People resonate with Robert’s life journey. From overcoming a childhood speech impediment; to a struggling Stand-up Comedian; to growing from an entry level employee; to reaching the c-Suite, people naturally connect with Robert (Rob Mac).

He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, earning a MBA and a Master’s of Science in Information Technology. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and marketing from Virginia State University.

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